Have you ever been attracted to werewolves or fascinated by the stories of billionaires?

Under the guidance of Goddess Luna, behind the dappled neon shadows of the city.What kind of story is happening, how the seemingly predestined ending will be rewritten?

It's up to you to decide!

Create romance with your writing, tell the story with your imagination.The total prize pool is up to $10,000. Join our contest and write the most exciting story to win the prize!

Potential Prize X2: 500USD
Plot recommendation
Kickass Heroine
War? Peace?
Trade? rejected?
It's my turn to decide.
Fake Dating
Let's get all the couple stuff done.
Yes, according to the
agreement, I love you.
Hate To Love
I do love you,
just as I do hate you.
Let's sink into this
emotional trap together.
Notes For Contest
Only works that have signed an exclusive license agreement with our website will be considered.Categories include werewolf, billionaire, both can overlap.
The word count must be over 100,000.
Only original English works are allowed, fan-fiction and non-fiction work such as poems and short stories are ineligible, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
The entries will be jointly evaluated by editors of Multiple well-known platforms to determine the final prize.
When submitting your novel, you need to attach a brief description of your work and the main character's persona for better evaluation by the judges.
The start and deadline of the contest will be based on UTC+8.
Pornographic depictions must not exceed 10% of the total content. Details of sexual organs are prohibited. Religious, political, and paedophile content is prohibited.
The commission and taxes related to the bonus shall be borne by the author and paid by us on behalf of the author.
How to participate
Go to www.neo-story.com and click "Be A Writer" to create a story.
To enter the contest, when you create a story, tag it with #2021contest.
Update more than 3,000 words to the story. Contact the editor to apply for a contract.
You can contact the editor on the list to get more detailed information about the contest. Don't forget to add your pseudonym and the title of your book in the email and do not contact more than one editor.
Can I sign a non-exclusive contract for my contest books?
The award is for exclusive books only. If you sign a non-exclusive contract, you can only enjoy revenue share.
Can I submit more than 1 book for the contest?
More than one book can be submitted for the contest.
If I write a novel under 100k words, can I attend this contest?
Unfortunately, we encourage authors to complete excellent long stories, but for excellent works with fewer words, we will also strive to obtain more promotion opportunities for them.
Are there any other benefits I can get if I attend this contest?
All entries shall get special promotions on our website and related channels. Authors of exclusive entries can also get all benefits from our new Writer's Benefits. For more information, please refer: Novelpotato Writer's Benefits2021.
The final interpretation right belongs to NeoStory