Writer's Benefit 2022
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New Story Bonus
& Extra promotion priority award:

$50 bonus reward for new story signed and updated more than 50,000.

One story finished, new story can be promoted in the fixed recommendation space on the home page for 7-14 days.

Completion Bonus
Total Words Completion Bonus When the story is finished and the requirements are met, the author can apply for a bonus from the editor at the beginning of next month.
100,000 - 199,999 $100
200,000 - 299,999 $200
≥ 300,000 $300
Bonus need to be applied within 90 days.
After the chapter is locked, if the author is absent for 7 consecutive days, the bonus for the month will be cancelled.
By the end of the month of completion, if the total royalty sharing of the work is less than $100, the Completion Bonus of the work will be cancelled; If the total royalty sharing is more than $500, the Completion Bonus will be doubled.
Monthly Attendance Bonus
Monthly Word Count Monthly Attendance Bonus 1.Attendance ≥ 20 days 2.Authors could get Monthly Attendance Bonus from only one of his works in each month.
60,000-149,999 $100
≥150,000 $200
If an author updates two or more works in a month, the bonus will be based on the work that's updated with the most words.
For each book, authors can apply for Monthly Attendance Bonus unconditionally for the first two months.From the third month, if the book receives less than $20 in royalty sharing that month, the Monthly Attendance Bonus will be halved; if the book receives more than $200 in royalty sharing that month, then the Monthly Attendance Bonus will be doubled.
After the chapter is locked, if the author is absent for 7 consecutive days, the bonus for that month will be cancelled.
Different rank, different royalty
Net Revenue RANK Royalty
No limit Lv1 50%
$20,000-$40,000 Lv2 52%
$40,000-$80,000 Lv3 55%
$80,000-$200,000 Lv4 58%
$200,000 Lv5 60%
Net Revenue shall mean the Gross Receipt deducts the Platform Fee from the Gross Receipt, excluding other income such as benefits.
There is a risk reduction rank that the writer did not upload in three months.
Adaptation Award:
For writers, various publicity opportunities on Novelcat,iReader,etc. For Exclusive, more publicity, priority and diversified recommendation opportunities.
For works that have been successfully sold, there are some extra rewards.
Programme Bonus Requirement And Note
Published $150 Stories sold through this site, 50% of the bonus will be paid after the adaptation contract takes effect, the rest follows after all.
Audio $50
Anime/Comic $200
Film $500
Game $500

1. Stories are available to sign after 3000 words in English.

2. All the benefits only accept for exclusive contract.

3. If the author is found to take any improper means to obtain the author's benefits (such as plagiarizing other people's works, uploading irrelevant or duplicated contents, deleting a large number of previous updated chapters without reason, etc.), we will cancel all of his benefits and prohibit this author from applying for signing a new book and participating in various competitions or activities held by us in the following three months.

NeoStory reserves the final interpretation.