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    Romance Author:Flower
    "Tell me, what do you want from me?" He asked coldly without an expressio. She smiled faintly and said straightforwardl...
    CEO love after marriage sweet manipulative
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    Billionaire Author:Ann1
    "I was born on 15th of July, in my country, it was the Ghost Day, whoever was born on that day meant bad luck, a ghost t...
    Billionaire Marriage Miracle
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    Billionaire Author:Erin Warren
    On the way to escape, a stranger took away her virginity. She didn’t expect that the stranger was Jasper Milton, who was...
    affairs divorcedoctorfate
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    New Adult Author:Bella66
    In order to get back at her sister, she devised an excellent plan, but she didn't expect to actually blunder and enter s...
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    Billionaire Author:Lisa Christiana
    "Do you think I'm beautiful?" Anderson's back stiffened. Undoubtedly, she was beautiful. After a while, he said uneas...
    CEO love after marriage one-night stand sweet
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    Billionaire Author:Elizabeth Alcott
    Eliza's life was destroyed by them: her boyfriend and her best friend. Five years ago, her boyfriend's career was at its...
    billionaire millionaire one-night stand escape while being pregnant